Let’s begin – what is bloodcat?

Wow, am I glad you asked! Ever join a multi, and someone picks a song and you can’t download it? Or someone sends you a song, but you can’t download it?

This means the song has been rekt and osu! servers no longer host it.

However, the website known as bloodcat likely has a copy of it for you to download and play your favorite songs!

How do I use it?

Simple! You go to the osu! page for the song you want to download (let’s say this map) – (Kano – Daisy Blue)

Oh my! When I go to download it, it’s not available (well, this example it is, but still…)

When this happens, do the following:

  1. Take the URL of the beatmap (
  2. Copy the “song ID” (after “beatmapsets”, in this case, 850717)
  3. Go to<songIDhere>
  4. So for this example, it would be
  5. You will see the song downloading!