In-game keyboard shortcuts

These aren’t the easiest to find, but here’s some that are useful!
(Taken from the osu! wiki – page found here)
I frequently use…

  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
  • F7
  • F8
  • F10
  • CTRL + O
  • F12 / SHIFT + F12
  • Alt + Arrow up/down (volume while in song select)

Hotkeys below!

There are many shortcuts in osu! that can be utilized while in-game or while idle at any screen.
They are listed out with their functions below.

Note: some of these keys can be changed in the options!
However, the list below presents the default keys.


These shortcuts work anywhere:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S: Reload current skin
    • If playing or at the results screen, this will queue the command to be executed after returning to song selection.
  • Ctrl + F11: Toggle frame times
  • F7: Toggle frame rate limiter
    • Pressing this will cycle through 120fps240fps, and Unlimited (gameplay) but not enable VSync.
  • F8: Toggle chat window
  • F9: Toggle extended chat window
  • F10: Toggle all mouse buttons (except for mouse wheel)
  • F12: Take a screenshot
  • Shift + F12: Take a screenshot and upload to the server for sharing
  • Insert: (Boss Key) Minimize the osu!client into the notification area
  • Shift + F1: Open osu!status (when connection error appears)
  • Alt + F4: Close the osu!client (no prompt or dialog)
  • Alt + Enter: Toggle fullscreen mode
  • Arrow Up: Increase volume
  • Arrow Down: Decrease volume
  • Esc: Go back one menu
    • Close options, if open
    • Go back to main menu, if in play menu
  • P: Play menu
  • P, then P: Solo
    • alias: E, then P, then P
  • P, then MMulti
    • alias: E, then P, then M
  • P, then E: Edit mode
  • D: osu!direct (osu!supporters only)
  • O: Options
    • alias: Ctrl + O
  • Q: Display exit dialog
    • alias: Esc, when the options and play menu are closed


  • Z: Previous song
    • alias: F1
  • X: Play from start
    • alias: F2
  • C: Toggle pause
  • F4: Stop playing and reset duration to 0
  • V: Next song
    • alias: F5
  • J: Jump To
    • alias: F6
  • R: Random song

Song Select

Note: Not all of these work in the multi mode’s song select screen.

  • Alt + Arrow Up: Increase volume
  • Alt + Arrow Down: Decrease volume
  • F1Mod selection menu
  • F2: Randomly select a map
  • Shift + F2: Undo random map selection
  • F3: Beatmap options
  • F5: Reprocess beatmaps (may display a dialog)
  • Shift + Delete: Delete selected map
  • Ctrl + 1: Switch to osu!
  • Ctrl + 2: Switch to osu!taiko
  • Ctrl + 3: Switch to osu!catch
  • Ctrl + 4: Switch to osu!mania
  • Ctrl + Enter: Play current map with Auto mod
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter: Play current map with Cinema mod
  • Ctrl + A: Toggle Auto mod
  • Ctrl + F3: Increase osu!mania speed (only in osu!mania mode)
    • alias: Ctrl + +
  • Ctrl + F4: Decrease osu!mania speed (only in osu!mania mode)
    • alias: Ctrl + -
  • Ctrl + Backspace: Delete last word (when using search)
  • Up: Move selector one beatmap up
  • Down: Move selector one beatmap down
  • Left: Change selected beatmapset one up
  • Right: Change selected beatmapset one down
  • Page Up: Scroll up
  • Page Down: Scroll down
  • Enter: Select selection or play selection
  • Shift + Left Arrow: Change selected group one up
  • Shift + Right Arrow: Change selected group one down
  • Shift + Enter: Toggle selected group

Game Modifiers

Main page: Game Modifiers


  • The key references below assumes that none of the mods are selected.
  • Some mods may require the player to press the key twice.
  • QEasy
  • WNo Fail
  • EHalf Time

  • 33K (osu!mania only)
  • 44K (osu!mania only)
  • 55K (osu!mania only)
  • 66K (osu!mania only)
  • 77K (osu!mania only)
  • 88K (osu!mania only)
  • 99K (osu!mania only)

Play Mode

  • + or -: Adjust local offset (hold Alt to change the precision)
  • Esc: Pause song (or quit if Auto or Cinema mod is used)
  • Space: Skip opening cut-scene
  • Tab: Toggle scoreboard
  • Shift + Tab: Toggle in-game interface
  • H: Toggle scoreboard and replay interface (only available when watching a replay or spectator stream)
  • F3 or F4: Adjust speed for osu!mania (only works near the beginning of playing)
  • Ctrl + R or ` (hold briefly): Quick retry the current map (autoskips the intro upon retry)