Useful/Cool osu! tools

Most of these will be open-source, and I will be linking to the GitHub page / giving a brief summary of how it works.

Reduce Audio Latency (“REAL”)

This is a cool utility that I love – it can reduce the latency that Windows has by default. You simply run the executable (“REAL.exe”) and leave it running – here’s an example of the screen… notice it reduces it from 10ms to 2.667ms.

Note – I’m told that, while my above screenshot shows 10ms > 2.66667ms, (roughly 7.23ms), I’m told even if it shows 10ms as current – it makes a huge difference.


A successor to the Hawku/Devocub drivers, OpenTabletDriver is now a very popular/mainstream driver to use. It simply works. To follow-up the info above – this is open source, but they now have a website (that links to the GitHub page) – you can get started here!

Key overlay

This is a really cool tool to visualize your tapping in-game on your stream/within OBS for your viewers, or for recordings.

Download it here:

Notes: Leave it open (not-minimized), and test within OBS before using. Installation/usage instructions are on the


This is a useful tool that will run in a window, read the current maps/etc from memory, and lets you visualize it. It runs a local webserver (http://localhost:24050) so that you can visualize stuff both in-game and via OBS. The client-side works by using a websocket listener to grab data in real-time. Very useful for pp counters, unstable rate, etc. There’s a lot of included UI’s & settings/etc, so be sure to read the github page for info.

osu! trainer

Built by popular osu! YouTuber, FunOrange, he has a great tool that is useful for training certain things in osu!

TLDR; download it, follow GitHub instructions.
You essentially find a map (in-game), and modify it to your liking.
For example: If you really like a map, but it’s only 190bpm, you can speed it up to 200bpm – raise the AR – lower it – speed it up – etc. It’s great – it will modify the mp3 (speed it up / slow it down), automatically adjust the settings, & refresh your in-game song list. It’s a great tool and I’m a big fan of it!